This work is principally a search for meaning in the world around us along with a celebration of the absurdity which is often revealed. To this end ,it depicts a world of people,usually attempting to make sense of their situation, but faced with a challenging task. These figures are accompanied by signifiers which may communicate useful information or which may be neutral or even deceptive. There is usually a narrative element, but this is often ambiguous and left to the viewer to decipher.


The work is primarily executed in oils on linen canvas; however,the material nature of the surface is often built up by subsuming printed matter and other objects into the paint, and then over-painting with acrylic media and impasto in addition to oil paint. This treatment of the surface hints at the multi-dimensional nature of the situation being depicted. This aspect is also explored through the use of allegory and a wide range of symbols, from classical to contemporary cultures, including mathematical and scientific nomenclature.


While much of the content of these paintings originates from auto-biographical references, the compositions borrow from a broad western tradition of figurative painting, most especially of the Northern renaissance. Despite their uncertainty, the characters in these works appear worldly-wise, perhaps bitten by experience, and are usually set within a social context. This is sometimes accompanied by a humorous, even bawdy approach; though the indifference of the world around them is a central feature.